First Litter Born 21st of Feb 2015

Our first litter born 21st of Feb 2015 – The Ngirozi’s Heart and Soul Juniq litter

8 puppies were born, all healthy and a good weight. All puppies were correctly ridged and no kinks in tails or DS were detected.

We had 4 boys and 4 girls. 4 black noses and 4 liver noses. 2 liver nosed girls and 2 liver nosed boys, 2 black nosed girls and 2 black nosed boys. We laughed about our orderly OCD litter 🙂

I will soon have a page up with puppy pictures from the 2015 litter. All pups are now over a year old and the feedback has been wonderful. They are all thriving in their new homes.

We have kept a liver nose girl from that litter, Tatu who now has her own page on our site, she has been lightly shown and has won and placed at Championship Shows and had qualified for Crufts 2016. Tatu is very much her father’s daughter in many ways.

The sire was Mkangawi Amiri Taariq At Tukela (Imp SVK)  Owned and loved by Carina Dunn. Bred by Veronika Marcová (Slovakia)

He is hip scored – 4/3 = 7 and elbow scored – 0




Taariq is a wonderful dog, I’ve known him very well since he was a puppy, he has stayed with us and we’ve traveled to shows together many times. He is happy, kind and has such a good sense of humour, he really is a dear boy. He has proven himself as a sire already with successful show progeny in Ireland, America and here in the UK. But more importantly his babies have the same active and outgoing personality as he does, complementing that alongside the virtues of the mother of each litter thus far.

It was this blend I was very excited by, as Juno herself is a very unique and characterful personality and I could not wait to see each of their personalities coming through in their progeny.