Juno – Kibibi Grace Under Pressure at Ngirozi

Well Madame Juno entered our house with a whizz and a bang in October 2011, where she became  our singing, dancing, corkscrewing girl. For these reasons as well her delicious and affectionate nature, she is firmly the kids favourite dog in this house!

It is also worth noting she is also by far the naughtiest Ridgeback I have ever met. But when faced with her adorable face and silly antics, one can only laugh at her misdemeanors! Add to that her very high intelligence, her loyalty to her family and her desire for food, she has been a very welcome addition to this house and has provided many hours of entertainment. Especially so if you consider throwing away chewed spectacles fun! And my skirting boards, table and chair legs will never look the same again but she has carved (literally) herself a place into our hearts and with her in the house every day is a FUN day!

Juno has been shown once only during 2012 ,she was placed 2nd in her Minor Puppy Class which we were thrilled with. But regretfully I sustained a painful hip injury in July 2012 which prevented me from showing for the latter half of the year. Juno started showing again in January 2013 at Boston Champ Show, where she came 1st in her Junior Bitch class. This qualifies her for Crufts 2014. Juno also qualified for Crufts 2013 also in her first show outing.

I had hip surgery in April 2013 but did show Juno at East of England Champ Show in July 2013 under breed specialist Anne Woodrow (Mirengo) where she finished 2nd in her Junior bitch class.

Since then I have undergone further hip surgery and moved house so I have not shown Juno since then.

Our new property keeps her fully employed though  as Juno is chief squirrel chaser in our new woodland garden!


Juno was bred by Alison Warde of Kibibi Ridgebacks to whom we will be eternally grateful. Details can be found at kibibiridgebacks.co.uk 

Link to Juno’s Pedigree

Juno has been Hip and Elbow scored:
Hip Score is 5-4 (9)
Elbow Score is 0-0
The breed average for hip scores in Ridgebacks is 12.