Stella – Show Results and Critiques

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West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship Show 29th of April 2011
Judge Breed Specialist Mrs Cath Davis (Imola)
1st Minor Puppy Bitch (qualifying for Crufts 2012 at her very first show!)

Bucknell & Conlon’s Jesamuda Natiri Star, larger light wheaten, 8 months, very feminine & having fun, pretty head, dark eye & balanced head, lovely clean neck, good shoulder, good bone & feet, lovely front with excellent length of body & loin giving pleasing outline, rearquarters well angulated, good turn of stifle & well let down hocks, good ridge with well pronounced crowns, on move has long length of stride, moving true with easy action.

Southern RR Club Ch Show 1st of May 2011
Judge Mr Espen Engh (Norway)
Reserve in Puppy Bitch

Melton Mowbray Open Show 5th of May 2011
Breed Specialist Judge Mr J. Mackfall (Africaner) Puppy Group Judge Hazel Fitzgibbons (Smiliesam) Hound Group Judge Maureen Ward (Zabaretts)
Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Breed, Hound Group 3, Puppy Group 1 and Best Puppy in Show

“1st- Conlon’s Jesamuda Natiri Star, Typical hound head of the breed with
good ear carriage and long deep muzzle. Good length of neck leading into
well laid shoulders, length to body with level top line and correct tail
set. low on the pasterns with a good bend of stifle. A nice example of the
breed. At nine months has a promising future. BoB, BP, Puppy Hound Group 1,
Hound Group 3. BPIS.”

“I was very impressed by the bone and overall conformation of this light wheaten girl. Well shaped head and well carried ears. Excellent neck. Good length of ridge with symmetrical crowns, well angulated rear with lovely turn of stifle and strong hocks. Covering ground easily and excellent rear convergence, the front needs to develop but is by no means lacking. Excellent and very steady temperament and wonderful overall condition. Went on to win BPiS.”

Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of GB 28th May 2011
Judge Mr Colin Wells (Kortebin)
2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch

Bath Championship Show 30th of May 2011
Judge Breed Specialist Mr Kelvin Barnes (Diamondridge)
3rd Minor Puppy Bitch

Three Counties Championship Show 8th of June 2011
Mark Cocozza (Freecloud)
VHC in Puppy Bitch

Border Union Ch Show 18th of June 2011
Judge Breed Specialist Toni Agnew  (Mwenga)
Reserve in Puppy Bitch

Windsor Championship Show 3rd of July 2011
Judge Mr Jeff Horswell
4th Puppy Bitch

Midland and Northern Championship Show  16th of July 2011
Judge – Mrs G Burgoin (Ragstone)
VHC  in Puppy Bitch

Leeds Ch Show 22nd of July 2011
Mr Keith Thornton
2nd in Puppy Bitch

Hound Show 6th August 2011
Judge Breed Specialist Anthea Fox (Sonstraal)
3rd in Puppy Bitch

Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association 6th of May 2012
Judge Breed Specialist Jennie Morris (Kasenga)
3rd in Graduate Bitch

East of England Agricultural Society 6th of July 2012
Judge Pam Blay
3rd in Yearling Bitch (Qualifying for Crufts 2013!)

Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of GB Open Show 22nd of July 2012
Judge Breed Specialist Heidi Parsons (Priorpark)
3rd in Yearling Bitch