Tatu -Ngirozi’s Heart and Soul

Tatu aka Ngirozi’s Heart and Soul is the girl I kept from our first litter born on 21/2/2015. Tatu was the 3rd puppy born, the first girl and the first of 4 liver nose puppies!


She is an utter delight, she is very attached to me and joins me on the couch every night for cuddles. We enjoy daily walks and she has a passion for bird chasing and generally just gallivanting about. She adores playing with our resident clown Stella and also throwing all kinds of combat attitude to her mother Juno as well.



I could not be without this lass, who we describe kindly as our Treacle Pud Pud, referring back to her chunky baby puppy days.


Tatu has been hip and elbow scored. Her hips are 4:3 and her elbows are 0-0 – These are good scores and are below the current breed average of 9.


Tatu has been lightly shown and been placed each time

Her debut on the 21/8/2015 was on the day she was 6 months old. At Welsh KC, she was 2nd in her class under breed specialist judge Anthea Fox (Sonstraal) who gave the following critique:

Lovely liver bitch, only 6 months old and very much a baby. Nice head, nicely angulated front and rear, moved well.

On the 27/09/2015 at the Ridgeback Club of GB Champ show she came 2nd in her class under breed specialist judge Mrs Kirsteen Maidment. Her critique is as follows:

7 months old with good liver-nosed colouring.  A little finer boned than 1 with good front and rear quarters.  Deep chest and good ribbing.  Moved out well. 


She then won her class at Midland Counties Champ Show on the 24/10/15 under breed specialist judge Mrs Ann Woodrow (Mirengo) who gave her critique as follows:

Lovely puppy shown in good condition. Pleasing head and reachy neck, in balance front and back today, excellent ribbing. Profile movement soft with some reach, needs to strengthen behind.