Zola – Priorpark Zula at Ngirozi


We are very sad to report that Zola sadly died in February 2016. She experienced a catastrophic neurological event in late January, we had hoped she might recover a little from this, but sadly she went into rapid decline and we made the difficult decision to humanely end her suffering. She fell asleep in Jane’s arms on the afternoon of the 23/2/2016. Her ashes are buried under a beautiful rose in our garden, where we can remember her every day.

Zola joined our family in March 2009, she became firmest of friends with our then 2 year old son (also know as the  Dog Boy) and our daughter then aged 6.

Zola was shown lightly as a puppy winning at Championship Level and at Open Shows as well as a few very successful days at local Companion Shows. However Zola decided she is much happier remaining at home with her family than being in a show ring so we do not show her these days. She is the Queen of Rest but also Queen of Play and is very much the Queen Bee in our house, keeping the younger girls in check.

She is very fond of visitors too always greeting them very enthusiastically. She is an adored member of our family. Zola will be starting agility classes in 2013, so that should be amusing!

Zola was bred by Heidi Parsons of Priorpark Ridgebacks. We are truly in debt for being entrusted with her by Heidi.

Link to Zola’s Pedigree

Zola has been Hip and Elbow scored:
Hip Score is 5-5 (10)
Elbow Score is 0-0
The breed average for hip scores in Ridgebacks is 12.